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The University Band is proud to provide a diverse range of musical opportunities for all students. Below are descriptions of each class, so you can find the course that's right for you.

All students in the University Band should be signed up for a concert ensemble, percussion ensemble, or Eurhythmics before signing up for an additional ensemble.

Concert Ensembles

These traditional concert bands form the core curriculum of the University Band.

  • Wind Ensemble Our advanced concert ensemble, by audition only.
  • Symphonic Band The largest concert ensemble at our school, at an intermediate level, by audition only.
  • Concert Band Open to all, no audition required.

Percussion Ensembles

Percussionists perform with our concert ensembles, but sign up for one of these percussion-specific classes during the day.

  • Advanced Percussion Our top percussion ensemble, by audition only.
  • Intermediate Percussion Our middle percussion ensemble, by audition only.
  • Introduction to Percussion Our introductory percussion course, open to all.
  • Blue Steel Our steel drum band is open to any student already signed up for a concert or percussion ensemble.

Jazz Ensembles

Students who are already enrolled in a concert or percussion ensemble can participate in our jazz studies courses.

  • Big Band Our advanced jazz band, by audition only.
  • Jazz Ensemble Our introductory jazz band, open to all.

Color Guard

Students in our color guard should sign up for Eurhythmics as a chance to hone and perfect the skills learned in the Marching Band and Winter Guard.

  • Eurhythmics Our color guard class.

Magnet Courses

Students in our Performing Arts Magnet or International Baccalaureate Program have additional opportunities.

  • IB Music HL A Group 6 Higher Level course on music theory, history, composition, and analysis.
  • Keyboard All freshmen in our Performing Arts Magnet take a year of piano.
  • The History and Theory of Music A unique course for magnet sophomores that tracks the development of music throughout world history.
  • Music Theory Honors / AP Music Theory Juniors and seniors in the magnet program take advanced Music Theory in preparation for the Advanced Placement exam.