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Marching MPA

The Marching Music Performance Assessment is run by the Florida Bandmasters' Association, and as such there are a few differences from the University Classic, which is an FMBC Regional.

If you've attended the Classic, here are some things to expect at Marching MPA:

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What is the University Classic?

The University Classic is an FMBC regional competition that usually takes place during mid-October. It has some great features that make it a solid choice for your fall schedule:

  • The judging panel is hand-picked from some of the best educators and adjudicators in the activity.
  • Each band receives a "Classic Commentary," an unscored custom video of your performance with running commentary by a nationally recognized designer.
  • A full director hospitality room is available after dinner.
  • Every participating band has a personal ambassador to lead you around campus, answer questions, and allow you to focus on your band instead of worrying about logistics.
  • Trophies and awards are given out for off-the-field performance, including sportsmanship and professionalism, emphasizing to your students the importance of these things.

To learn more about the Classic, check out the link below:

The University Classic