Class Syllabus

Keyboard is a required class for Performing Arts Magnet students in the instrumental and vocal tracks, and you must pass to continue in the program. The purpose of this course is for students to be introduced to basic knowledge of music theory and to develop basic proficiency in performance.

Keyboard Online

If you are taking this course online, it is necessary that you exercise individual initiative and diligence. To pass the class, you must earn the following point totals by performing for the keyboard instructor before the class is over.

Piano Literature100 points
These piece are available from the drop-down lists on the keyboard home page.

Sight-Reading100 points
This material will be unlocked by the instructor when you go to perform.

Music Theory75 points
An examination in music theory (covered in the Alfred's book) will be given at the end of the year. You must pass with at least a 75%.

Performance Rubric

Performances will be graded on the following scale.

A (10 points)
The piece is played entirely accurately, with no note or rhythmic errors. Attention is given to all musical details.
A- (9 points)
The piece is played with a high degree of accuracy, with minimal note or rhythmic errors. Attention is given to most musical details. Time spent in practice is evident.
B (8 points)
The piece is played with a few note and rhythmic errors, or occasional pausing. Some musical details may have been overlooked. A higher degree of perfrection would have been attainable with more effort.
C (7 points)
The piece is played with substantial number of note and rhythmic errors. Musical details are regularly overlooked. Practice time is not evident. Pausing and hestitation regularly interfere with the consistency and musical phrasing of the piece.
D (6 points)
The piece is performed with a low degree of accuracy, with note and rhythmic errors occasionally rendering the piece unrecognizable. Musical details are entirely or almost entirely ignored. Pausing and hesitation are commonplace and constantly interfere with the consistency and musical phrasing of the piece. A lack of practice time is evident.
F (5 points or fewer)
The student performs only part of the piece or does not perform. Note and rhythmic errors render the piece entirely or almost entirely unrecognizable. Musical details are not performed or understood. Pausing and hestitation are continuous. No practice time is evident.