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The University Band's Student Leadership Program is a comprehensive leadership experience where students will develop their personal character, confidence, and leadership ability through real responsibility, peer interaction, group mentoring, and individual guidance. The Student Leadership Program is a significant commitment that lasts well beyond the end of "marching season" and focuses on your whole development as a young person of character!

All members of the Student Leadership Program are expected to

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  • Proactively coordinate the entire student leadership team throughout the year.
  • Conduct the band during rehearsal, exhibition, and competition.
  • Represent the band at retreats, award ceremonies, Cougar Council meetings, etc.
  • Perform menial slave labor for the band directors.
  • Create weekly video updates of band announcements.
  • Take care of Mr. Brown (keep track of where he puts things, know where his keys are, remember any announcements he needs to make, etc.)
  • Proactively coordinate your section leaders throughout the year.
  • Provide support to section leaders during rehearsal, especially sub-sectionals.
  • Stand in for section leaders when necessary (including taking attendance in their absence.)
  • Guard Captains: represent the band at retreats/award ceremonies.
  • Brass Captain: coordinate horn guard shifts whenever necessary.
  • Woodwind Captain: call the band to attention during retreats/award ceremonies.
  • Take attendance at every rehearsal and report it to a drum major.
  • Perform dot book checks and make sure your section is keeping their books up to date.
  • Keep flip-folders organized and stocked.
  • Perform uniform inspections before performances.
  • Facilitate sub-sectional rehearsal (primarily in a one-on-one format.)
  • Organize at least one sectional rehearsal per month during the spring semester covering fundamentals of performance with the Concert Band.
  • Set up two teams of 5-10 people each.
  • Any freshmen on the team must be back in time for basics.
  • No more than one person per section should be on either team.
  • Perform the following tasks at each marching rehearsal:
    • Paint practice field lines and hashes.
    • Set up drum major podiums.
    • Set up yard line markers.
    • Return everything to its proper place.
    • Inform the band directors of any upcoming equipment needs.
  • Perform the following tasks at each football game or competition:
    • Facilitate loading and unloading of the truck.
    • Facilitate assembly of props and their transportation to the staging area.
  • Set up a team of no more than 2-3 people.
  • Pass out uniforms before performances.
  • Collect and put uniforms away after performances.
  • Keep the uniform room clean and organized (including the microwave, good lord.)
  • Maintain a list of members with jacket number, pants number, gauntlet size, glove size, shoe size and t-shirt size.
  • Inform the band director of inventory needs (gloves, socks, medical supplies, etc.)
  • Keep track of accessory purchases and pass the information to a director.
  • Explain uniform rules to membership and report infractions to a director.
  • Work with the whole band to establish a culture of keeping our area clean and organized.
  • Set up periodic team cleanings of all indoor band facilities.
  • Keep track of the band's cleaning material inventory and let a director know when supplies need to be replaced.
  • Be in charge of all speakers, walkie-talkies, and other rehearsal electronics.
  • Manage the charging station, making sure everything is put away at the end of every rehearsal.
  • Maintain the music library.