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Eighth Grade Night

Welcome to University High School! We are excited for you to join us on Friday, October 20 for a small preview of what it's like to be a member of our band program.

Please note: the date of Eighth Grade Night has been moved to Friday, October 20!

Eighth graders should arrive at 5:00 PM and head to the Courtyard for a pizza dinner. From there, you'll be given your free t-shirt and join our marching band for a great Friday night experience! You'll warm up with the high school band, march to the stadium together, play in the stands during the game, and make new friends!


5:00 PMPizza in Courtyard
5:30 PMPass out T-Shirts
5:45 PMMarching Band Show Performance
6:00 PMWarm Up
6:30 PMMarch to Stadium
6:53 PMNational Anthem (on field)
7:00 PMGame Begins
From here, the following things will happen, but the precise time depends on how the game is going.
• First Quarter: Play in the stands with the high school band.
• Second Quarter: Play in the stands... just the middle schoolers!
• Half-Time: Watch the University Band performance
• Third Quarter: Concession Stand Break
• Fourth Quarter: Play in the stands with the high school band.
• Post-Game: Play the UHS Alma Mater and "You'll Never Walk Alone," return to the band room.

We are usually done around 10:30 PM. Please plan to pick up your child around that time, no later than 11:00 PM. Of course, we cannot control exactly when the game will end, so thank you in advance for being flexibile.

Campus Map

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What to Bring

• Comfortable clothes
• Your instrument (percussionists should bring sticks)
• Some money for the concession stand


Here is the list of what we'll be playing:
The National Anthem
The Hey Song
Vivir Mi Vida
All of the Lights
Alma Mater
You'll Never Walk Alone
Your band director should give you all this music, or you can use the links above.

We are looking forward to seeing you! Have a great time and enjoy a fun night as an honorary member of the University High School Band!