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Associate Band Director

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Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about the band program at University High School? Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

• Should I do band?


• Can I be in band and IB/GT?

Absolutely! Some of our best performers are members of the International Baccalaureate (IB) or Global Technologies (GT) magnet programs. We even offer a two-year IB Music class for juniors and seniors.
• Can I be in band and sports?
Usually, yes. Band rehearsal takes place after most sports practices so that our members are not excluded from any activities. We have band members who play baseball, lacrosse, basketball, softball, JV football, water polo, soccer, track, and more. We are pretty good about compromising when it comes to games and performances, as long as you look at your schedule in advance to resolve any conflicts with us.
• Do I have to do marching band?
Yes, unless you have a religious or medical reason to opt out. It is a county requirement that all students enrolled in a band class be a part of the marching band; furthermore, the marching experience is an important part of a full and balanced band program. If you're anxious about the marching band, try it for at least one season: you might just fall in love with it!
• How will I have time for all of this and still keep my grades up?
You'll see lots of students in the band room before rehearsal studying and doing homework: there is plenty of time! One of the most important skills in life is Time Management, and Band will help you learn that skill.
• How much does band cost?
A full list of band fees can be found on the Parent Page. Fundraisers take place throughout the year to help financially. If you stick to the payment schedule, it is very manageable.
• What events do I have to attend?
Check the Home Page of for upcoming events, or the Calendar Page for a full calendar. There is also a calendar of the year's major events in the Band Handbook. If you have questions, contact Mr. Brown.
• How do I volunteer to help out?
A list of ways you can volunteer is available on the Parent Page, or you can contact our Band Parent President for specific information.
• What band class should I sign up for?
The University Band has something for everyone! Consult our list of course descriptions to see what class is right for you.