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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! It is never too late to take on a new challenge or pick up where you left off.
Yes. About 40% of our band, including many of our best performers, is in the IB and GT magnet programs. We even offer an IB Music class, available to juniors and seniors, which counts toward your IB diploma.
Usually, yes. Band rehearsal takes place after most sports practices so that our members are not excluded from any activities. We've had band members play baseball, lacrosse, basketball, softball, JV football, water polo, soccer, track, and more. The band directors are happy to work with you on any schedule conflicts as long as you are proactive and try to get them solved in advance.
Yes, but it's worth it! If you are anxious, talk to some people who have done it. Challenge yourself to try it out for one season. I promise, all these people who keep coming back year after year are not crazy.
Believe it or not, the marching band only rehearses for eight hours in a typical week. On top of that, if you come to the band room after school, you'll see many students studying and doing homework. There is plenty of time: the key is to manage it.
Like any after school program, band does cost money. The amount will vary depending on a number of factors, but typically the grand total for a full school year is about $400 per student.

You can find the full list of band fees on the Parent Page. Fundraisers take place throughout the year to help you. Every year, we have some students fundraise the entire amount! The band directors can also work with families individually if there are exceptional circumstances.
Do you really want to?

Just kidding... yes, you will! The schedule can definitely look overwhelming at first, and the students will be with us a lot, but they will be home a lot, too.

Keep in mind that some parents don't know where their kids are after school... you will know that yours are with a great group of people, doing something positive together, building character and developing themselves artistically, athletically, and socially.

Of course, the best way to stay involved with your kid is to volunteer! Check out the Parents Page for more information.
The University Band has something for everyone! Check out our Course List to see what is available. A band director can help find the right class for you.
It's definitely possible! University has two "magnet" programs, which allow any student in Orange County to come to UHS. The first is our Performing & Fine Arts Magnet, which is by audition and gives students the chance to focus on the performing arts. The second is our International Baccalaureate (IB) Program, which places students in a highly intense academic liberal arts curriculum. Homeschool students who are zoned for University can also participate in the extracurricular aspects of band.
Incoming freshmen and sophomores can take their musical experience to the next level by signing up for the Performing Arts Magnet Program. You can apply at Auditions take place in February; if you miss this, a second application/audition window opens up in May.

More information is available on the Magnet Page.