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Band Camp Survival Guide

Band Camp is a two-week summer training program where we will learn the majority of our music, technique, and a good portion of our drill. You will make new friendships, renew old ones, learn to perform at a high level, and start to see our show come together!
This year, Band Camp takes place from July 24 - 27 (9 AM - 6 PM) and July 31 - August 4 (9 AM - 9 PM).

Parts of rehearsal will be outside. Florida has not had a cold summer in quite some time, so it is a safe bet that it will be pretty hot. Fortunately, it's not hard to prepare for the weather... but it is necessary! Basic preparation will make the difference between beating the heat or letting the heat beat you. Make sure you're ready, so we can focus on doing something amazing together.

How to Prepare

• Learn your music as well as you can.
• Start going to sleep and waking up at reasonable times.
• Start spending time outside.
• Start stretching and running regularly.
• Start drinking lots of water.
• We will provide breakfast at band camp, but it never hurts to eat before you come.

What to Wear

• Hat (important... many people forget this)
• Sunglasses (important... many people forget this)
• Hat and Sunglasses
• White T-Shirt
• Comfortable Gym Shorts
• Socks
• Athletic Sneakers
• Hat
• Sunglasses

What to Bring

• WATER JUG (a big one)
• Instrument
• Music/Technique Packets
• Mechanical Pencils
• 1.5" 3-ring Binder with Clear Sheets for Music
• Spiral Bound Index Cards
• Sunscreen
• Bug Spray
• Deodorant
• Chapstick
• Instrument Accessories (reeds, valve oil, cork grease, guard tape, sticks, etc.)
• Gold Bond/Baby Powder (highly recommended)
• Change of Clothes: extra socks, shirts, undergarments
• Hat and Sunglasses

Band Camp can be difficult, but being prepared will make all the difference! Who knows, you might even have fun!