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Welcome to the UHS Band parent page! Please use the tabs below to access information about volunteering, band fees, and other items of interest to parents with a child in the band.

Volunteering is the best way to support your son or daughter!

All volunteers need to register with OCPS: Volunteer Management System

Once registered with OCPS, you can sign up to volunteer by contacting our chaperone coordinator (

Like any after-school program, band does have cost associated with it. A minimal portion of the band's budget is provided by the school, so it is necessary for each student to contribute. These fees pay for summer band, uniforms, independently contracted staff, shirts, transportation, and many other expenses. The assessments are divided across several months for convenience and there are many ways to work through any difficulties. Please get in touch with a band director quickly if you have any concerns... we are happy to work with you!

To view your student's account statement, enter his or her student number here:

Fall Semester Assessment

This is for everyone in marching band; it covers uniforms, props, drill, instructional staff, etc.
$75deposit, due May 31, 2019 (non-refundable)
$75due August 2, 2019
$75due September 6, 2019
$75due October 4, 2019

Equipment Maintenance Assessment

This applies to students using school-owned instruments and covers acquisition and repairs.
$40due August 2, 2019
$40due January 10, 2020

Percussion Assessment

This applies to all percussionists and covers sticks, mallets, heads, and other related items.
$50due July 18, 2019
$50due January 10, 2020

Fall Guard Assessment

This applies to color guard members who perform with the marching band. It covers uniforms, gloves, shoes, flags and equipment.
$150due July 18, 2019

Uniform Accessories

This is for members who need marching shoes, gloves, and socks.
$50due August 2, 2019


This is for all members and covers transportation throughout the year.
$35due November 1, 2019

Concert Attire

If your student makes it into the Wind Ensemble or Symphonic Band, he or she will need to acquire a tuxedo or dress for concerts and performances. We use the same attire every year, so it is a one-time purchase for all four years and can be used well beyond high school.

This attire is ordered independently at Please do NOT pay the band directly.

$120Tuxedo (includes pants, jacket, shirt, bowtie and cummerbund)
$60Formal Concert Dress

Miscellaneous Expenses

Throughout the year, there may be various small expenses affecting students on a case-by-case basis. All State and All County Band auditions have a small audition fee ($5 — 15) for those students who participate. Solo & Ensemble Festival has a registration fee and some students will need to pay for an accompanist. These fees vary from year to year and the directors will pass on that information once it is made public. Students may also purchase accessories (valve oil, reeds, etc.) and extra socks and gloves in the band office for a small fee.


We have fundraisers throughout the year to help offset the cost of band. In addition, special arrangements can be made for families with significant, legitimate financial concerns. In the event of financial hardship, please contact Mr. Brown to discuss possible solutions. Communication is Key!

All payments can be made online at (use the button below), or by check made out to "Foundation for OCPS."

Specific payment links can be found here:

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The University Band Parent Board is a group of parent volunteers who step up to ensure our band can keep providing incredible experiences to our students. Click on a position to learn about its responsibilities. If you are interested in taking on one of these positions yourself, please contact a band director.

Managers are extremely important short-term positions needed to help coordinate the various events the band hosts throughout the year.


Band Camp/Preplanning

University Classic/Marching MPA

Jazz MPA

Solo & Ensemble

Band Banquet