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Solo & Ensemble Reminders

Your Performances

Solo Day: Friday / SaturdayTime: __________Judge: __________Room: __________
Ensemble Day: Friday / SaturdayTime: __________Judge: __________Room: __________
Ensemble Day: Friday / SaturdayTime: __________Judge: __________Room: __________


Solo & Ensemble will be held at University High School this year so I hope you don't need directions.

Things to Remember

  1. Dress appropriately. This is a live performance situation.
  2. Arrive at least 30-45 minutes before your scheduled time.
  3. Upon arriving, the first thing you should do is figure out where your judge's room is. This will be displayed in the cafeteria, and there is usually an information table in the courtyard. Go find the room first, then head to the cafeteria for warm up.
  4. You must have your original piece of music or you will be disqualified. For solos, the judge needs to have either an original solo part or original piano part. For ensembles, the judge must have an original score.
  5. Both the music you are reading and the part the judge is looking at must have numbered measures. (Number straight through repeats and multiple endings. For multiple movements, start each movement with 1. Do not number pick-up notes.)
  6. Make sure you have rehearsed enough with your accompanist to make both of you comfortable. Thank your accompanist when your performance is complete. If you are using a school accompanist, make sure you PAY him before leaving!
  7. Go to your judge's room about 10 minutes before your scheduled time, but be prepared to wait patiently if the room is running behind.
  8. When you enter the room, walk over to the judge, smile, introduce yourself, say what you'll be playing, and hand him the score. You can then find a stand (and chair if you need one), adjust it, and play a few notes to get used to the room.
  9. Be polite to the judge! Remember that he is on your side and wants you to succeed, although it is not his fault if you are unprepared. Accept any feedback graciously.
  10. Ratings will be posted in the cafeteria after you perform. This can take 30-45 minutes. You may wait for them, but you do not have to. Your ratings will be available at school on Monday.
  11. Follow through with your commitment! If you signed up, you need to perform.
  12. If you have problems, you can find a band director in the media center on the day of the event.


Your instrument
Original score for the judge
Your part
Extra parts for all ensemble members
Money for concessions
Positive, teachable attitude!