Jon Brown
Band Director

Jeff Willis
Associate Band Director

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OCPS All County Band 2017

All County Auditions will take place at Oak Ridge High School on November 14, 2016.

All County Participant Contract

Audition Requirements (Brass/Woodwind)

1. Chromatic Scale (according to FBA All State requirements)
2. Three major scales (according to FBA All State requirements)
These scales will be chosen by the judges on the spot. You get extra points for extra octaves, but you cannot lose any points. If you can attempt a second or third octave, it is always worth it to do so.
3. Prepared Exercise (shortened version of All State technical étude)
4. Sight-Reading

Audition Requirements (Percussion)

1. Mallet Étude
2. Snare Drum Étude
3. Timpani Étude
4. Mallet Sight-Reading
5. Snare Drum Sight-Reading