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UHS Band Store

Welcome to the UHS Band Store! The items below are available for pre-order. Please add the items you'd like to your cart and proceed to checkout, where you can make a payment via SchoolPay. Items will be delivered to the school within 30 days. All purchases benefit the University Band.

UHS Band Volunteer T-Shirt

UHS Band Volunteer Polo

Out of the Silent Planet (2019) T-Shirt

The Glass Cage (2021) T-Shirt

Stonecutter (2022) T-Shirt

Through the Mind of a Child (2010) Patch

Reflections (2011) Patch

Ballet Mécanique (2012) Patch

Danzón Universitas (2013) Patch

Pandora's Box (2014) Patch

The Ring Cycle (2015) Patch

Je Suis (2016) Patch

Let There Be Light (2017) Patch

No Part of Easy (2018) Patch

Out of the Silent Planet (2019) Patch

FFCC Indoor (Spring 2021) Patch

The Glass Cage (2021) Patch

UHS Band Baseball Cap