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Solo & Ensemble

Solo & Ensemble is a Florida Bandmasters' Association (FBA) event that this year takes place February 7 – 9 here at University High School. Students will prepare a solo or ensemble and then perform it for a professional musician who will adjudicate the piece and assign a rating.

Participation in this event is a Quarter III Musicianship Standard, required for all students in a concert ensemble.

Step 1. Acquire Music

You can get music locally from the Allegro Music Center in Casselberry (1042 State Road 436 | Casselberry FL 32707) or online from sites like J. W. Pepper or Beethoven and Company.

Before purchasing music, make sure it is on the official FBA list. This list can be found at the FBA website. The piece must be at least a Grade III difficulty.

Step 2. Submit Music

If you are doing a solo, complete the Online Submission Form. If you are doing an ensemble, designate ONE member of the group to be the group leader, and have him or her complete the Online Submission Form. The Online Submission Form can be found here: Online Submission Form.

Step 3. Acquire Accompanist

If you are doing a solo, see if you need an accompanist. Unless your piece specifically says "unaccompanied," you probably do.

You can either (1) find a piano player on your own or you can (2) submit your piano part to Mr. Brown before January 12 and a piano player will be assigned to you. If you choose Option 2, it will be $40 for one rehearsal and the performance. (Pay the accompanist directly.)


Nothing improves your musicianship more than preparing solo repertoire on your own!

Step 5. Solo & Ensemble

Instructions and reminders for the day of the event are available here: Solo & Ensemble Reminders.