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2021 in Review

The theme of 2021 was truly "back in action!" Here's a look back at some of our program's accomplishments over the past year:


Indoor Ensembles

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the University Band fields three separate FFCC "indoor" ensembles: the Winter Guard presents "It Is Well," a message of hope and comfort in difficult times; the Indoor Percussion Ensemble continues the 2020 season with "Beyond the Horizon," and the brand-new Indoor Wind Company presents "Post Virum," set in a distant future.


Winter Guard

The Winter Guard hits the ground running, earning first place at the FFCC Lake Howell Regional.

FFCC University

The University Band hosts its first event in over a year, welcoming over 40 schools to a highly regulated, socially-distanced FFCC regional.

Solo & Ensemble

Twenty-nine University students earn "superior" ratings at the virtual FBA Solo & Ensemble Festival.


All County Band

A school-record 19 students - Thomas Ambrose, William Barnes, Daniel Bonnet, Joseph Cassidy, Liam Cervantes, Nozomi Devine, Kayla Elias, Dominic Gonzalez, Connor Gotham, Benyamin Hajder, Dante Jaramillo-Vasconez, Alexis Lau, Julia Moen, Marli Myles, Matthew Pedrero, Summer Ramsay, Pharit Smitasin, Jared Sta.Ana, and Matthew Wong - perform with the OCPS All County Band.

Indoor Ensembles

The Indoor Wind Company and Winter Guard both place third at the FFCC championships, with the Indoor Percussion Ensemble earning the gold medal for their class.


State Solo & Ensemble

Nine students - Kayla Elias, Jared Sta.Ana, Dominic Gonzalez, Sophia Ait Daoud, Julia Moen, Zabiel Morales-Diaz, Diego Talavera, Joseph Cassidy, and Nozomi Devine - earn a "superior" or "superior with distinction" rating at the FBA State Solo & Ensemble Festival.


Prism Concert

The Prism Concert returns in a new split-venue style, dividing performances between the gymnasium and auditorium.

Support the Band

Help us continue to provide character-building artistic experiences for our students by making a tax-deductible donation to the University Band Fund with the Foundation for OCPS.

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Band Camp

The University Band returns to Band Camp for the first time in two years! We have two "freshmen classes" doing this for the first time...


The Glass Cage

We premiere our 2021 field show, "The Glass Cage." The show was designed for 2020 but after a year of online learning, it seemed even more relevant!


Marching Band

The Marching Band show continues to take shape as we prepare for the competitive season.

All State Band

Juniors Dominic Gonzalez and Jared Sta.Ana audition into the All State Orchestra, and Daniel Bonnet earns a coveted spot in the All State Jazz Band.


Marching Band

The University Band starts off the season in spectacular fashion, hosting ten bands and the UCF Marching Knights at the University Classic, winning an FMBC Regional Championship, and earning Third Place at the BOA Orlando Regional.


Marching Band

After a "superior" rating at FBA and another FMBC Regional Championship, the band caps the season off by earning the Silver Medal at the FMBC State Championships with a 92.1, the highest score in school history.

All County Band

Breaking our school record set earlier this very year, twenty-four students - Thomas Ambrose, William Barnes, Daniel Bonnet, Michael Carpenter, Jonathan Carroll, Liam Cervantes, Jason Crocker, Nozomi Devine, Dominic Gonzalez, Connor Gotham, Jorge Gutierrez, Alexis Lau, Huy Ma, Xander Manabat, Julia Moen, Zabiel Morales-Diaz, Matteo Moreali, Marli Myles, Matthew Pedrero, Summer Ramsay, Ian Rivera-Blanco, Jared Sta.Ana, Sienna Sutherland, and Matthew Wong - audition into the OCPS All County Band.

All County Jazz Band

An additional four students - William Barnes, Daniel Bonnet, Connor Gotham, and Alexis Lau - audition into the OCPS All County Jazz Band.


Winter Concert

Our concert and jazz ensembles put on our first actual Winter Concert in nearly four years, following by a band "homecoming" dance that was a great hit.

The University Band is back in full gear upholding our reputation as one of the premiere music education programs in the State of Florida. Here's to another great year!


Here's some of the things we're looking forward to in 2022:

If you would like to help the University Band have a great 2022, please consider making a donation to the Foundation for OCPS!