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University High School offers three levels of dedicated percussion studies. Our introductory class is open to all students with interest; Intermediate and Advanced Percussion are by audition.

UHS Drumline Auditions 2021


The 2021 Drumline audition will consist of three parts:

  1. ALL exercises should be prepared—quads and bass drums should learn the snare part as well as the written around or split part.
  2. Rudiments—we will ask for two rudiments; one from EACH of the categories below.
  3. A short excerpt of music from our 2021 show. Download here


Important note---ALL three components should be prepared and practiced with a metronome. Below are the details:



(REMEMBER: each exercise should be learned and memorized)


  1. 8/7
  2. Funk Junk
  3. How’s Perry
  4. Pats Triple

2 rudiments:

We will ask for one from EACH category. It is recommended that the student learn ALL of the rudiments listed below.



Category A:













Category B:







Show Excerpt:

Download the part that corresponds with the instrument you intend to audition. Perform measures 70-83 at quarter note=140.



**Drumline auditions will be due via video submission on Wednesday, May 26, 2021 by 9:00AM. Be sure to follow these guidelines before uploading your video:


-Perform all exercises and mark time at quarter note=136.

-Perform one rudiment from category A and one rudiment from category B (no metronome needed)

-Perform the Show Excerpt and mark time (measures 70-83) at quarter note=140.

-Be SURE that the metronome is audible in the video.

-For ALL parts of the video, be sure that the camera angle captures the entire body: from head to toe. Also be sure that the camera is a front view for all parts of the audition.

-Audition videos do not have to be one take, although you may not edit any part where you are playing. For example: if you need to fix a portion of an exercise, you need to re-record the entire exercise.

-Take your time. Seek help OFTEN!! The percussion leadership, staff, and Mr. Willis are all available for questions at any time (well…nothing after 11:00pm J)

-Upload your video to the Google Drive folder titled: "2021 Drumline Auditions”


Google Drive


Please see the Auditions Page for more information.