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Student Leadership

Team Organization and Opportunities

The University Band's Student Leadership Program is a comprehensive leadership experience where students will develop their personal character, confidence, and leadership ability through real responsibility, peer interaction, group mentoring, and individual guidance. The Student Leadership Program is a significant commitment that lasts well beyond the end of "marching season" and focuses on your whole development as a young person of character!


  • Maintain a 3.5 minimum GPA.
  • Attend all leadership development seminars.
  • Assist in the planning and coordination of all band events.
  • Maintain a positive outlook and teachable attitude.
  • Promote proper rehearsal etiquette and procedures.
  • Provide encouragement and support to all band members musically, academically, and personally.
  • Communicate responsibly with the band director on all pertinent matters.

Leadership Opportunities

The drum major is a personnel officer who facilitates the activites of the entire student leadership team.

  • Help maintain the band's order, discipline, and morale.
  • Conduct the band at rehearsal and during performances.
  • Coordinate the efforts of the entire student leadership team.
  • Communicate proactively with the band directors, section captains, and the rest of the leadership team.
  • Represent the band at retreat, Cougar Council meetings, and other official events.
  • Serve as a general aide-de-camp for the band directors.
  • A section captain is a personnel officer who works with directors, staff, drum majors, and lieutenants to facilitate the activities of a large section of the band.

  • Help maintain the band's order, discipline, and morale.
  • Assist staff in leading warm up and sectional rehearsals.
  • Coordinate the efforts of your sub-section lieutenants.
  • Communicate proactively with the drum majors and your sub-section lieutenants.
  • Assume leadership of the band in the absence of drum majors, or of one of your sub-sections in the absence of its lieutenant.
  • A section lieutenant is a personnel officer who works closely with the members of a particular section to meet their needs and provide for their success.

  • Help maintain your section's order, discipline, and morale.
  • Facilitate sub-sectional rehearsals.
  • Develop and maintain personal relationships with each member of your section.
  • Communicate proactively with your captains and section members.
  • Ensure the proper preparation (physically, mentally, and musically) of each section member.
  • The operations officer is a logistics officer who helps things run efficiently by facilitating the band's mobile equipment.

  • Set up all hardware and equipment before rehearsal.
  • Ensure the cleanliness of the field after rehearsal.
  • Line the field regularly.
  • Facilitate the loading and unloading of equipment trucks.
  • The uniform officer is a logistics officer who instills pride in our apperance by ensuring proper distribution and care of our apparel.

  • Maintain the cleanliness of the uniform room.
  • Assist in the cataloguing and distribution of uniforms.
  • Keep a log of gloves/socks/shirts purchases.
  • Establish and promote proper uniform etiquette and behavioral expectations.
  • The facilities officer is a logistics officer who develops a culture of respect for our school facilities, classrooms, and other territories.

  • Maintain the cleanliness of the band room and all its possessions.
  • Manage rehearsal electronics (speakers, microphones, radios.)
  • Facilitate proper use of space and direct clean-up during band-hosted events.
  • The library officer is a logistics officer who keeps the band's sheet music organized.

  • Maintain the music library.
  • The communications officer is a logistics officer who uses social media and marketing strategies to promote the band's activities and keep members informed.

  • Work proactively with the band directors to release weekly newsletters.
  • Collect pictures for promotional materials, yearbook, and band banquet.
  • Maintain the band's social media accounts.
  • Advertise and promote band events around the school and our feeder schools.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Word and/or Publisher required. Proficiency with PhotoShop, iMovie, FinalCut, PowerPoint, etc. recommended.