The University Classic

FMBC Regional

At University High School, we believe Marching Band is and ought to be a genuinely artistic and educational experience, helping students to progress as musicians, athletes, and performers.

Bands that share this vision are cordially invited to the University Classic to perform in front of an enthusiastic crowd and receive adjudication by a hand-picked team of professional musicians and designers. After performing in a friendly and positive atmosphere, awards and recognitions are given for outstanding achievement both on- and off-the-field, along with video and audio commentary to help them continue to improve.

The University Classic is one of the longest-running FMBC regionals. Since 2005, dozens of bands have dazzled audiences with the amazing results of countless hours of hard work and dedication. We hope you will join us at this year's University Classic!

Why the Classic?

There are dozens of competitive performance opportunities across the State of Florida. What makes the University Classic unique?

  • Our emphasis is on education: regardless of the show's competitive aspects, we want to ensure all students and directors have a great experience.
  • Our adjudicators are hand-picked from the best professionals the marching band activity has to offer!
  • Directors can nominate a distinguished student performer for a scholarship given out during the award ceremony.
  • Each program designates a representative to sit down with our announcer and tell the audience all about your band before you perform.
  • Off-the-field achievement is recognized through our Professionalism, Sportsmanship, Creative Concept, and Fan Favorite Awards.
  • Our "Adjudication Class" allows bands the option of experiencing the Classic in a non-competitive way, receiving FBA-style commentary rather than scored FMBC captions, to help prepare for Marching MPA.
  • Our unique "Classic Commentary" caption gets you inside the mind of an experienced show designer. This judge does not give a score and is not limited to a single caption; instead, you'll get a digital video of your performance with a running commentary discussing anything and everything to get your band to the next level!