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There is no audition for general membership in the University Band. If you are willing to commit to the band, the band will commit to you! However, auditions are required for our advanced ensembles and Performing Arts Magnet.

Performing Arts Magnet Auditions

February 6-8, 20 | Second Round May 30 & 31

This audition is for acceptance into the Performing Arts Magnet only. Once accepted, magnet students will then need to complete an Ensemble Placement Audition in May.

Ensemble Placement Auditions

May 11, 4:30 - 7:30 PM

Flutes, Oboes, Clarinets
Keyboard Lab 02-155
Bassoons, Saxophones
Guitar Lab 02-154
Trumpets, Horns
Orchestra Room 02-153
Trombones, Euphonia, Tubas
Chorus Room 02-101
Band Room 02-102
Percussion Room 02-103

See below for specific requirements.

Performing Arts Magnet

Students auditioning for the Instrumental Track of the Performing Arts Magnet will perform the following:

  • A solo or étude of your choosing. (An All State étude or Solo & Ensemble selection would work well.)
    Please bring an extra copy of the music for us to view as you perform.
  • As many major scales as you can play.
  • A short sight-reading selection.

You can view the audition rubric here: Audition Rubric

Audition Timeline

  • February 6-8 | Satellite auditions: Legacy MS, Odyssey MS, Union Park MS
  • February 15 | Application window closes
  • February 20 | On site auditions
  • February 24 | Seat offers sent

The full magnet application process can be found at the Magnet Page.

Please note that if you are accepted into the Magnet Program, you will still need to complete a Concert/Percussion/Jazz audition in May to determine your ensemble placement.


Ensemble placement audition requirements can be found here:

Wind Auditions 2023

There are a limited number of seats in the Wind Ensemble. Once those are filled, students who auditioned will be placed into the Symphonic Band. No audition is required for the Concert Band.

You can view the rubric here: Audition Rubric


The percussion audition will consist of the following:

  • Snare Étude
  • Tympani Étude

    Students will perform the tympani excerpt with the recording linked below. Be SURE to practice with the recording as much as possible. Remember that notes and rhythms are a given, but a true musical performance involves playing with an appropriate touch as well as a deep understanding of what the ensemble is playing. Our job as timpanists is to enhance and sometimes dictate the articulation of the ensemble.

    To view the tympani recording, click here.

  • Mallet Sight-Reading Excerpt

Jazz Band

Students who would like to audition for the Big Band must also complete a standard Wind Ensemble or Percussion audition.

Jazz Auditions 2023

There are a limited number of seats in the Big Band. No audition is required for the Jazz Ensemble.





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