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About Us

The University Band is a comprehensive musical arts program that develops students as musicians, performers, and leaders. We believe in the importance of each student’s personal dedication to excellence in every endeavor, in the concert hall, on the performance field, and in the classroom. Our members strive to fulfil our motto of "Committing to Greatness Every Day" by putting in the time, effort, and energy to achieve greatness in whatever we do.

There are many fantastic band programs in Orange County, but there are many unique opportunities you'll only find at University. Read on to learn more!

Courses Offered

Ensembles offered as classes during the school day are as follows:

  • Concert Band
  • Symphonic Band*
  • Wind Ensemble*
  • Introduction to Percussion
  • Intermediate Percussion*
  • Advanced Percussion*
  • Jazz Ensemble
  • Big Band*
  • Steel Drums
  • Eurhythmics (Color Guard)

Ensembles marked with an asterisk (*) require an audition.

All our main ensembles participate in the standard Florida Bandmasters' Association MPA circuit (at the district and state level) and students in all our ensembles participate in All County, All State, and both district and state Solo & Ensemble. This year, we had three All State students and more of our musicians made the All County Band (28) than any other school in Orange County.

In addition, we have various other ensembles that meet after school, including chamber ensembles, the musical pit orchestra, and multiple opportunities to perform with the rest of the performing arts department including the choir, theater, and Symphonic Orchestra.

Marching Band

All the members of our band program combine together over the summer and fall to form the University Marching Band. In addition to performing at parades, football half-time shows, and FBA Marching MPA (the typical marching band stuff), we really try to make the most out of this ensemble and provide our students and audience members with a truly thought-provoking, educational, artistic experience. This is where our approach differs from some other schools. We firmly believe that the marching band is an opportunity for growth as a musician, athlete, and performer, and so we work hard to make sure the marching band show is a true work of art and then we go and perform it a lot. We are active in competitive performances throughout the fall, have a lot of success, and a lot of fun.

Performing Arts Magnet

In addition to all our ensembles, we also have a unique "magnet" program for students who want to deepen their experience as musicians. Students who are accepted into this program enter into a 4-year program based on the experience of a college music major. The magnet guarantees at least two ensemble courses every year in addition to a unique series of courses in Music History, Music Theory Honors, and AP Music Theory. Magnet students perform in recitals every year and prepare and perform for special juries and solo recitals. The magnet program allows students from anywhere in Orange County to come join us at University to take advantage of the unique opportunities here.

More information about the Performing Arts Magnet is available here: University Performing Arts Magnet

International Baccalaureate

Students who are looking for an intense academic experience can still participate fully in the University Band through our International Baccalaureate Program. Membership in all our ensembles is fully open to members of our IB Program, and we even offer a two-year IB Music course focusing on world music cultures, composition, and analysis. As long as the IB Group IV science course is taken at Standard Level (SL), this allows students to keep a Performing Arts elective even during their junior and senior year.

You can overview the IB Music course here: IB Music HL

More information about our International Baccalaureate Program is available here: IB at University

How do I sign up?

If you're interested in joining the band, here are the next few steps!

  • If you're interested in one of our magnet programs (Performing Arts or International Baccalaureate), use the links above to learn more. In particular, Performing Arts Magnet auditions take place on February 17 and you can sign up for an audition by contacting Mr. Brown. The audition requirements are here: Audition Requirements
  • Ensemble auditions take place in April. Anyone can audition for any ensemble. Note that even if you are accepted into the Performing Arts Magnet, you still need to complete a full audition so that we can get you in the right band. Again, the audition requirements are here: Audition Requirements
  • Plan to attend our Icebreaker on May 11. This is where we will reveal the fall marching band show and talk about how to officially sign up for the 2022-2023 band!

Want to learn more?

Please feel free to peruse our band website for more information about our ensembles, history, and opportunities, or reach out directly to a band director for any further questions you might have!

Mr. Brown:

Mr. Willis:

You may also want to check out our Frequently Asked Questions for some answers to common questions.

How to Join the Band


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