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UHS Band Semi-Trailer

$ Raised – % Progress to $17,000

Nobody is dismissed until the rental trucks are unloaded, all equipment is put away, and your uniform has been turned in!”

This is what our students repeatedly hear every time we return to the school from a band performance, no matter how late. Often, it is already after midnight by the time the band makes it back to our campus, and the students then have at least another hour of work before they can be dismissed.

Great job today, everyone! You are dismissed.
Have a great night!”

Wouldn't that be a better way to end a hard day's work? You can help make that happen by donating toward the purchase of a new semi-trailer for the UHS Band!

With a semi-trailer, our band would be able to safely and securely store our uniforms, instruments, and equipment at the end of a long night and unload at our convenience the following school day. Exhausted students and parents would be able to go straight home instead of adding an extra 1-2 hours while students finish putting everything away.

On top of the practical advantages, the UHS Band would arrive at every performance with an air of professionalism due to our custom semi-trailer, and we can even carry advertising space for our business sponsors with us wherever we go!

We currently have a 52' semi-trailer on offer for $17,000, which is a great deal, and our program's goal is to raise these funds by May 15.

Please consider making a donation to help us achieve this goal, which will produce a direct benefit for everyone involved.

You can also help by spreading the word throughout our community about the opportunity for corporate sponsorships. Learn more here: Community Sponsorships

Make your tax-deductible donation using the link below!

Donate to the UHS Band


Thank you to those who have already donated to support the UHS Band!

  • Wilmarie Valentin ($50)
  • Mary & Leo Ambrose ($50)
  • Jordan Quintana ($700)
  • Allison Johnson ($100)
  • Ed Markey ($200)
  • Minerva Caquimbo ($50)
  • Derek Torres ($20)
  • Karla Torres ($25)
  • Ivan Torres ($50)
  • Logan Burns ($100)
  • Jacquelyn Gotham ($200)
  • Nancy Puckett ($25)
  • Damarys Acevedo ($50)
  • Hieu Le ($100)
  • Fabiola Pace ($100)
  • Virginia Kershlis ($250)
  • Marc & Stephanie Yoder ($1000)
  • Steve & Danielle Soistman ($200)
  • Anonymous ($2500)
  • Nashira & Johnny De La Hoz ($250)
  • The Prop God ($25)
  • Ed & Marianne Soistman ($100)





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